Arctic - Taraji Blue
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Arctic Fox, Stalking

Arctic Fox, Stalking

Scientific name: Alopex lagopus

Location: Hekla Havn, Greenland

Description: Whilst watching two ptarmigans, I was alerted to a presence high on the rocky hillside above me. I looked straight into the eyes of a juvenile arctic fox. Our eyes locked, as he continued his slow descent down the hillside, progressing ever closer to me. Without a tripod, and very aware that I had this one chance to adjust my position to get a decent shot, I threw myself over an adjacent rock, using it to steady my arms. Here I waited....My patience paid off, and the fox ambled slowly towards me, never faltering. With my heart pounding in my ears, he came closer and closer, ever inquisitive at my presence. My stone-like statue did not waver as he ran around me, taking every opportunity to interact, even sniffing my back as I lay on the rock. After a few playful minutes he ran off, alerted by the presence of other people. It was then I sat up and realised why he'd been so inquisitive ...I had inadvertently thrown myself into a pile of wet and fresh fox dung. No wonder I was so appealing!

Notes: Hand-hand, using a rock as a tripod.